A simple cryptocurrency interface set up

As mentioned above, in this article we will start to create the user interface of our latest cryptocurrency project. Along the path we will also use the CryptoCompare API to retrieve data. In this article we will do these:

  1. Create a simple interface with the cryptocurrency and the currency combo boxes for future use as well as a display panel to display the currency exchange rate.
  2. Make the API call which will retrieve the exchange rate of BTC vs USD, JPY, and the EUR.
  3. Display those exchange rates in the display panel.

Below is the entire python program.

import json
from tkinter import *
import tkinter.ttk as tk
import requests

win = Tk() # Create tk instance
win.title("Crypto Calculator") # Add a title
win.resizable(0, 0) # Disable resizing the GUI
win.configure(background='white') # change window background color

selectorFrame = Frame(win, background="white") # create top frame to hold search button and combobox
selectorFrame.pack(anchor = "nw", pady = 2, padx=10)
currency_label = Label(selectorFrame, text = "Select crypto / currency pair :", background="white")

# Create a combo box for crypto currency
select_currency = StringVar() # create a string variable
crypto = tk.Combobox(selectorFrame, textvariable=select_currency)
crypto.pack(side = LEFT, padx=3)

s = StringVar() # create string variable
# create currency frame and text widget to display the incoming exchange rate data
currencyFrame = Frame(win)
currency = Label(currencyFrame)
text_widget = Text(currency, fg='white', background='black')
s.set("Click the find button to load the crypto currency - currency exchange rate")
text_widget.insert(END, s.get())

buttonFrame = Frame(win) # create a bottom frame to hold the load button
buttonFrame.pack(side = BOTTOM, fill=X, pady = 6)

def search_currency(): # search currency pair
    pass #for future use

action_search = tk.Button(selectorFrame, text="Search", command=search_currency) # button used to search the currency pair within the text widget

# Create currency combo box
base_currency = StringVar() # create a string variable
based = tk.Combobox(selectorFrame, textvariable=base_currency)
based.pack(side = LEFT, padx=3)

def get_exchange_rate(): # this method will display the incoming exchange rate data after the api called

    global exchange_rate
    global base_crypto
    base_crypto ="BTC"

        url = "https://min-api.cryptocompare.com/data/price" #url for API call
        data = {'fsym' : base_crypto, 'tsyms':"USD,JPY,EUR"}
        r = requests.get(url, params=data)
        exchange_rate_s = json.loads(json.dumps(r.json()))

        print("An exception occurred")

    count = 0
    found = False

    curr = tuple() # the tuple which will be populated by cryptocurrency 
    curr += (base_crypto,)
    curr1 = tuple() # the tuple which will be populated by currency
    sell_buy = ''

    for key, value in exchange_rate_s.items():  # populate exchange rate string and the currency tuple
        sell_buy += base_crypto + ":" + key + "  " + str(value) + "  "
        curr1 += (key,)

    # fill up combo boxes for both currency and cryptocurrency
    based['values'] = curr1

    crypto['values'] = curr

    text_widget.delete('1.0', END)  # clear all those previous text first
    text_widget.insert(INSERT, s.get())  # populate the text widget with new exchange rate data

action_vid = tk.Button(buttonFrame, text="Load", command=get_exchange_rate) # button used to load the exchange rate of currency pairs


In this article, all the currencies are hardcoded into the program, in the next chapter, we will create two files to load all those currencies into those currency combo boxes.

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