I have created this website a few days ago but until now I am still not yet decided whether should I submit this new website to get listed on the major internet search engines or not? Here is why…

The first reason I say this is because I think that will be a waste of time to submit our site to the search engines that will usually take around six months for our best article to be fully included in the first page of the search result for a particular keyword. Six months? Are you kidding?

The second reason is even if you think you have created a great article, and you are willing to wait for six months to get it indexed by the major search engines, you might be sorry later on because those search engines might don’t think it is a great article and thus all the times you have spent to create those few awesome articles will be wasted just like that after six months.

The third reason I don’t think we ever need to submit our website to a search engine is sometimes we just want to make our website private to only a certain group of people, thus we don’t want it to be seen by many people on the search engine result pages. (Although some of it will still appear on the search result page because the search engine’s bot will still crawl your website even you did not submit your site personally, but not all of your articles will be up there.)

I have submitted one of mine website to Bing a few years ago and it is completely wasting of time because until now only 3 visits or less per day from the Bing search traffic for a site with has 100 articles on it. Google is a lot better but as I have mentioned it before it takes time for our article to get listed on the first page of the Google search result and the visitor quantity I get from Google search per day is also very little even a particular article get listed on the first page of the search result for a particular keyword.

The last reason I don’t want to waste mine time on search engines is there is a strange requirement by the search engine which is the article which gets listed on the first page of the search result for a very competitive keyword will need at least 1000 words or above, which I think that is simply too much for a person like me who will only write around 300 words for each post.

So there you have it, give your comment below this post about your thought regarding this article!

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