In this example, we will create a python function which will take in a list of numbers and then return the smallest value. The solution to this problem is first to create a place holder for the first number within the list, then compares that number with other numbers within the same list in the loop. If the program found a number which is smaller than the one in the place holder, then the smaller number will be assigned to that place holder.

def find_smallest_int(arr):
    smallest = None
    for elem in arr:
        if(smallest == None or smallest > elem):
            smallest = elem
    return smallest

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  1. “Better” – using what measurement?

    This might take longer to run, but it’s shorter:

    def find_smallest_elem(arr):
    return sorted(arr)[0]

    It is arguably also easier to read.

    (It does, however, behave slightly different when passed an empty list).

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