This is the final chapter of the lists in python topic, in this chapter we will create an example that will remove the duplicate student names within a student list with the help of the python loop.

We are given a list of student names, our mission is to remove the duplicate student name from the list.

student = ["Rick", "Ricky", "Richard", "Rick", "Rickky", "Rick", "Rickky"] # there are names that have been duplicated
double_enter = []

# first we need to know all the duplicate student names
for i in range(len(student)):
    count = student.count(student[i])
    if count > 1:
        if student[i] not in double_enter:

# then we will remove those duplicate student names
for name in student:
    if name in double_enter and student.count(name) > 1:


Both Ricky and Rickky have duplicated values

The above python program is very long, can you find a shorter method to achieve the above outcome? Write your own solution in the comment box below.

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  1. students = [“Rick”, “Ricky”, “Richard”, “Rick”, “Rickky”, “Rick”, “Rickky”]

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