This is the main page for Nice Paint where you can find all the information that are related to this painting software. Do enjoy your stay and leave a comment below this post to help me improve the application in the future.

Nice Paint is a simple painting software which runs on the Android operation system.

When I first create this application, my number one objective is to make it as simple to operate as possible so everybody can use it. There are 4 buttons on the top and four buttons on the bottom of this application’s canvas page. The first of the four buttons from the top is used to save the file, open files, create a new project, and start the application tutorial page. You can select various pen-stroke and pen-style as well as pick the font size and many more from the second button. Click on the third button to take a picture and draw on that picture as you wish to. The fourth button will allow you to create some line effects to add to the drawing.

The first button from the bottom of the application’s canvas allows you to select a color for the background and the drawing pen. The pattern part is for the drawing pen only. The second button is the eraser which you can use to erase drawings on the canvas. The third button will allow you to select a few shapes to draw on the canvas, more shapes will come soon. Besides that, you can also type in the text which will then appear on the top of the canvas. If you feel that space is not enough for you to draw, click on the fourth button to hide both the top menu and the bottom menu. You can return to the main menu again by clicking on the same button on the bottom of the canvas page.

There are still a lot of things need to improve on this application as well as a lot of bugs to fix, but don’t worry, we will improve the application together and we will do it slowly. If you like this application, do share it with your friend or rated it as you wish to through this link.

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