Purity Player is a free android application which will include the banner advertisement in order to cover the development cost of this android application. This application is provided by seriousdeveloper and is intended for use as is.

If you choose to use this application, then you will need to agree to the below privacy policies.

  1. Just like any other android application, the android application which has the banner advertisement on it will need to collect, share, and use the user data only for ad-targeting purposes.
  2. Purity Player has offered the features that will save the video’s screenshot as well as delete any individual video when the user wants to, which means this android application will need to access the android phone’s storage when it needs to do so.
  3. Another main permission requires by this application is the broadcast permission which is used to play music or sound extracts from any video on the background of your application.

That will be all these application needs in order to function properly, your personal information will not get collected by this application excepts the one which has been mentioned above – for the ad-targeting purposes.

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