I have been blogging about Python programming language for a while since 2017, the reason which I continue to write about this programing language is due to the popularity of this language in the programming languages world! At the moment Python is ranked mostly in the top three positions beginning at 2019 at both TIOBE Index and The PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language Index. Those impressive statistic figures from the above sites certainly suggest that Python is already the world number 1, and indeed there are a few reasons that will further solidify that claim. 1) The uncertainty of Java, which now requires the Java developer to pay for using the Java programming language. My Java knowledge has been stopped at Java 7 and goes no further than that because I simply can’t afford to pay such an expensive amount of fees just to use Java to create a free application or game for the computer users. Recently I have started to pick up Kotlin which is based on Java just in case I can’t use Java to develop Android application anymore without paying a fee in the future, but will Java ask for the fee from the Kotlin developer in the future as well? I have a feeling that the Android OS will see more issues in the near future. 2) The future of the C series languages depends on the windows application developer as well as the game developer. Just like Java, C type of programming language can run in all OS, ranging from Linux to Mac to Windows. But I have spotted 2 problems for series C, 1) for a game developer who uses the famous game engines such as Unity or Unreal, it will usually take a very long time to compile his c# or c++ programming code even with just a small changes, for those of you who have used C# to develop your Unity game before, how long will it takes for the Unity engine to recompile the C# code even just for a very small changes in your game code before you can see your game in action? After a few times using Unity to develop the game, I have now switched to Godot where the compile time is indeed very fast as compared to Unity. 2) pointer is not a good idea in c++, even the experienced programmer will make a silly mistake by pointing a variable to one of the rubbish address, c++ is the world most difficult to debug programming language, it is really hard for me to spot the bug within the c++ program because sometime the bug will not appear during the compilation time. So there you have it, with Java and the series C out of the path, Python is now ready to become the world number 1. All the Python supporters certainly will be very happy about that after they have spent thousands of hour learning and creating an application for Python and now it is time to harvest their Soya Bean! But not too fast, because I think there are a few areas Python still needs to improve before Python can rule the world! Here are those parts that I think Python.org needs to work on if it really has the ambition to become world number 1!

  1. Besides Pygame, not many game engines are willing to use Python, I have seen Godot allows the developer to write a game with Python a few years ago but that whole Python framework is still in the beta stage, it is already 2019, come on man! As for Unity and the Unreal Engine, I have never seen any progress at all.
  2. Web development, Python seems to be a good idea to replace php and Javascript when it comes to web development, but besides django, I really do not see any new famous Python web development framework around at this moment. And django is very hard to set up, the web hosting sites that allow Python to run on their web server are close to 0, can we really see the web hosting provider actively promotes Python programming language as an alternative to Javascript in the front end and the php in the back end in the future?
  3. Mobile development, we have seen C# and C++ application for Android OS, when will we see Python as an alternative programming language to replace Java? And will Python become another alternative besides Swift which has replaced Objective C when it comes to iphone application development?

So much for that, lastly I just hope to see Blender reconsiders to bring the Blender game engine back to live again because it is the only well-known game engine which supports Python at the moment.

What is your thought regarding this subject, leave your comment below this post so we can talk about the topic in the future if we really need to.

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    1. Of course, I simply mean to publish and get used by the user, you need to reread this part of the article. The developer will need to pay for the ‘publishing fee’ starting from Java 11! But there is a free open source Java 11 JDK which I have not mentioned in the post, you can take a look here https://openjdk.java.net/

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