I am glad to inform you all that the remove duplicate file project written with python has finally completed and now it will be uploaded to GitHub for your all to enjoy. This is free software and it will always remain free. Although I would really love to create a Linux version of this remove duplicate file’s software, but I do not have a Linux os’s computer therefore at the moment this software is just for the windows user only. I have packed this software up where you can just download the setup.exe file and then install the program and start it up to search and destroy the duplicate files inside your computer. Here are the steps you need to do to search and destroy the duplicate files:

  • Open up the application on your Windows desktop.
  • Click on the remove file button to select a file or use shift-left click and select many files at once.
  • Select any other folder which you want this program to search and destroy all the duplicate files from, then sit back and enjoy.
  • This program will search all the files within that selected folder but make sure you are not selecting the same folder which you have selected the original file from.
  • You can select multiple files at the same time and you can also select another file which you want to remove its duplicate version from after you have selected the first batch of files but it is not advisable for you to do multiple times of file selection action at once if this program is running on a slower computer.

All right, now let us look at the images below for the step by step tutorial on how to use this python application.

Click on the remove button below to select a file or files
Click shift and select all the files that you wish to search and destroy their duplicate versions from and click the open button
Next is to select the folder which you wish to remove all the duplicate files from then click on the select folder button
That is it, now just sit back and enjoy while watching the program doing its job

If you spot any bug in this application you can leave a comment below this post and I will fix it as fast as possible. If you are not sure about how to use this program you can create a folder then copy and paste some files from one folder to this new folder and start to practice to delete the duplicate files based on the steps I have shown to you earlier. This program is not perfect and thus your feedback is very important for me to improve on the quality of this program.

This program is only for the windows os’s user and maybe you need to have python installed on your desktop before you can use it. If you intend to compile and run the program by yourself, then you can download the entire package then just open up the windows command prompt and type in ‘python path/to/Multitas.py’ to start the application on your windows os laptop, this application runs well with no problem at all! The latest version (Download the setup.exe file): Download the setup.exe file to your windows os’s laptop then install the application on your windows laptop by following the setup instruction. In the future, all the latest updates will come with the setup file with the version number on it, for example, setup1.exe, setup2.exe and etc.

What is new in this latest version: The move file feature has been included where you can now move a file from one folder to another folder by clicking on the move button then select a file and then select the folder which you want to move that file into!

I have just created a python program which can help you to remove the duplicate files in any folder from r/Python

The above is the latest version of the program.

The application has been uploaded to GitHub and you can now download the setup.exe file through this link.  After you have downloaded the file, click on the setup.exe file to install the program and use it.

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  1. Found a bug! The duplicate list is showed one by one, it should be shown at once. Tried it with more than 100 files. It is very tedious to proceed with Ok button again and again.

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