In this simple exercise, you will create a program that will take two lists of integers, a and b. Each list will consist of 3 positive integers above 0, representing the dimensions of cuboids a and b. You must find the difference of the cuboids’ volumes regardless of which is bigger.

For example, if the parameters passed are ([2, 2, 3], [5, 4, 1]), the volume of a is 12 and the volume of b is 20. Therefore, the function should return 8.

The solution:

Loop through each list and find the volume, then subtracts those two volume and returns their absolute value!

def find_difference(a, b):
    v1 = 1
    v2 = 1
    for e in a:
        v1 *= e
    for e in b:
        v2 *= e
    return abs(v1-v2)

This is it! If you have a better solution kindly let me know about it!

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  1. With Python 3.8+, you may also do it like this:

    from math import prod
    def find_difference(a, b):
    return abs(prod(a) – prod(b))

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