If you are a blogger who has been in the blogging business for a while then you should know that most of the time you will need to outsource the image in your blog post to somewhere else in order to save the 1) limited storage space of the web hosting package 2) limited bandwidth of your website. Unless you are running your website in a dedicated web server, your best bet is to store all the images or even files of your website at somewhere else online. Below are the top 7 online storage sites that I think are legit where you can upload your image to and use it later on in your own blog. If you have any other online storage site to store images in mind which you want to recommend it to me then don’t forget to leave its name under the comment part of this blog.

  1. Twitter – As always, Twitter allows you to leave your tweet with images or videos and then embed them on your own blog with just a few steps.

2. Imgur – This is just like a social network for photo publisher, create a post with a photo on it then embed it on your own article. Get lots of comments and likes for your awesome picture on this site and make tons of friend.

Do you like this pussy cat?

3. EyeEm – Share photos, earn money when someone purchases your photo or win a prize through photo’s contest.

4. Flickr – A free legit site to store and share your photos with friend! You can upload up until 1000 photos under the free plan!


5. Tumblr – Create a post and then embed that post on your own article like this.


6. 500px – Share or sale your photos, easy steps to embed a picture on your own article!

Wild nature green forest by whei choo on 500px.com

7. Pinterest – Yes, you can create a board there and upload your pin, then share that pin on your own website.

The above are the 7 sites that I like to use to store all the pictures online, I might miss out a few of them so do let me know through the comment box below this post.

New site update:

imge.to – Share your photo with friends, up until 200MB of free space.

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