Today I have finally upgraded my old Asus X450CC laptop’s windows os from windows 8 to 10 for free, which means we can still do that even in the year 2020. Previously I am using Linux Mint as the os for this laptop since 2018 but I have decided to switch the laptop os back to windows because even though Linux os has improved a lot during these years but I think windows OS is still the best after years of using Linux.

The reason why I am using Linux on this laptop in the first place is because of the laptop’s hard disk breakdown a few years ago where I will need to change that entire hard disk and replace it with another one. After that, I couldn’t find the windows 8 product key for this laptop which I think the sticker at the back of my Asus laptop had gone missing. With no other choice, I will need to use Linux OS to continue to operate this old laptop until today, where after reading an article online I realize that it is completely possible to upgrade our windows 8 OS to windows 10 with just a few simple steps for free as long as we have bought the windows 8 os and installed it on our laptop before!

These are the steps I am doing to fully update the windows os from windows 8 to windows 10.

  • First I have to change the damaged hard disk of the laptop which I had already done so a few years ago.
  • The next step is to prepare a bootup USB drive to be used to reinstall the windows os. You can read all the detail steps and download the tool from the Microsoft official website through this link.
  • After that, I will need to go into the BIOS setting page of the Asus X450CC laptop to change the boot order to the USB drive first instead of the hard drive. To get into the BIOS set up, all you need is to press the ‘ESC’ key a few times after you have pressed the start button on your laptop! Then insert the bootup USB drive before save and exit the BIOS setting.
  • After that, all you need to do is just follow the setup guild and start to install windows 10.
  • You do not need to key in the product key of your windows 8 because the windows os will be able to look for the product key inside the BIOS, so even though I cannot find the windows product key there is no problem at all!
  • If you see the USB stick format problem on the installation screen all you need to do is to delete all the disk partitions and windows 10 setup will finish the installation process automatically!

Well, finally, after years of wondering, I have finally used back the windows os on this old Asus laptop!

Windows is a great OS and I just wonder will windows ever become a free open source program such as Linux in the future? Leave your’s thought or comment below this post.

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